Oct 13

Today’s so-called “page” is just three paragraphs. That is the way it worked out with the subheads from the original book.

Chapter 2 Page 8 | If You Can’t Beat Them …

I excerpted this aside from a lengthier interview with Oscar Suarez, M.D. in his office at CIMA Hospital, and I quote him more extensively later in the book. I don’t know if he is still head of the Department of Plastic Surgery at CIMA but it is evident that his practice is thriving. That is one of the problems with including official titles in books — people move on from where they were.

When I first walked into the waiting area of Dr. Suarez’s office, his assistant asked me what procedures I was interested in … and it was the first time anyone ever suggested I might need (or at least want) cosmetic surgery. I’m sure it was SOP for the office and no psychological harm was intended. For the record — at 53, I’m unmodified, other than my teeth.

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  1. I guess you can’t fault his assistant for trying to help. In this time of plastic surgery, where most patients need a procedure, some people get caught up in societies bubble of keeping up with what he/she did. I applaud you for “keeping it real”.

    • Jeff Schult says:

      Hi Dr. Kreegel,

      You at least read the post. I scrape an awful lot of spam off this blog, already, as I’m sure you can imagine.

      I’m curious — what prompted you to move your practice from Tennessee to Florida? Do you have an opinion on folks going overseas for surgery?

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I can understand the Spam Factor on blogs – it happens at mine all the time. I’m in the process of migrating my blog into my site today – it should be skinned and ready to go by tomorrow: http://www.kreegelaestheticsurgery.com/blog/

    I moved from Tennessee to Florida largely because of my family. Everything was wonderful in Tennessee but family is first priority.
    As for folks going overseas for surgery – I can’t see why they would need to…
    Are there any particular procedures you’re inquiring about?

    • Jeff Schult says:

      There are no procedures I’m particularly interested in, Dr. Kreegel. Thank you for asking though. 😉

      Folks go overseas for all kinds of procedures for a lot of reasons — the most prominent being affordability.

      That’s a lot of what Beauty from Afar, the book that I’m putting online here, is about …

  3. I would just caution your readers / visitors to be certain they find a qualified plastic surgeon before traveling overseas… Even in the United States there are big differences between cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons.

    Be sure that you understand the qualifications of your plastic surgeon. Here in the states I recommend only using American Board Certified Plastic Surgeons…

    • Jeff Schult says:

      Certainly, Beauty from Afar is full of appropriate cautionary material. The top overseas surgeon give much the same advice as you do. I note that you have a page of advice for “out of towners” on your own site, so you are well aware that patients will travel for cosmetic surgery for many reasons — inside the U.S. and across borders.

  4. We find a percentage of our web visitors find us from outside of Florida and sometimes from outside of the US… so this one reason we provide helpful information for “out of towners” – it’s nice to be in a vacation destination where our patients can enjoy their recovery time 😉

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