Dec 20

Happy holidays to all. It has been a hectic month and I haven’t had time to make much progress here for a couple of weeks. Surely, I’ll do better in the New Year.

The content of today’s page, I know, worried me back in 2005-2006. Choosing patient support sites for medical tourism and putting them in a book seemed like a bit of a crapshoot. If the sites disappeared, went rogue, even became … less than useful … they’d still be in Beauty from Afar forever. And it would matter, at least to me.

Chapter 5 Page 3  | Patient Support Sites for Medical Tourism

Happily, I chose well. and, among other web site forums for patients, have not just survived but thrived.  MedRetreat remains among the leading medical travel companies.

The list would be longer if I was writing it today — but not a lot longer. There have been many attempts to establish online forums for medical travel and most of them have been shortlived.

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  1. Buttock lift thailand says:

    yes i agree – trying to maintain online medical tourism forums is hard work. we have been in the medical tourism industry for many years, but many patients after having surgery really like to just get on with their lives. Keeping a forum going is more easy with those before actually travelling. of course we need the after cases to be a viable forum.

  2. We are seeing more and more patients from all over the country who are visiting Arizona for their plastic surgery needs and wrapping it together with a “recovery vacation” so I would love to see more of these forums.

  3. It’s really a good idea that we support medical tourism site since it would help the patient to know more. Medical Tourism can help other patient from other countries that doesn’t support the necessary surgery needs of the patient which can only be done from other countries.

  4. A scary thought for us, since we just added a forum to our site. We had the same reservations as “Buttock Lift Thailand” (Nice nick btw!). It makes sense that people will abandon the forum after they have had their treatment.

    Anyway, wish us luck! We hope to provide a community for people interested ing having cosmetic treatment in Thailand for many years to come.

  5. A reputable medical tourism support site is a must to support patients who want to undergo medical treatments abroad. Today, there are many entities that do this and its been a good development for the industry.

  6. We have noticed that a lot of new Rhinoplasty patients are coming from the East coast. We always had local patients from Scottsdale and Phoenix but the influx of travelers seeking rhinoplasty from other states is very much appreciated. Visitors travel to our clinic in Scottsdale more often during the winter.

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