Oct 06

Today, we continue the short saga of the U.S. and its media vs. cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic in 2004.

Chapter 2 Page 3 | A warning lives on, mostly unheeded

When I was writing Beauty from Afar, I remember being somewhat concerned about the fact that I was saying that the U.S. State Department was still warning in 2006 against having cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic based on a 2004 CDC report … surely, I thought, that warning will be taken down at some point in time.I was careful to note the time element.

I needn’t have been concerned on that count, anyway. The warning is still up in 2009.

In this passage, I quote Dr. Roberto Guerrero. I remember the conversation well and regret that I never have gotten to meet him in person. His web site isn’t in the book. I see he can now be found at PlastiCenter: New Concepts in Plastic Surgery.

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