Oct 08

The American Society of  Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released in April 2005 what amounted to an acknowledgment that medical tourism exists, in the form of a briefing paper that got some media attention. This was when I was in the middle of researching Beauty from Afar and was pure gold, as far as I was concerned. In the end, I quoted and commented on the entire document — which makes today’s “page” pretty long. But I thought it best to keep all the material together.

Chapter 2 Page 5 | American Doctors Speak Out

By that time, I’d spoken with enough doctors and surgeons with varying opinions on the subject of medical tourism that I was pretty sure I had a more complete and nuanced view of the subject than the ASPS could possibly put out, given that they had to present a united view … and given their constituency. I felt qualified to comment despite my lack of medical credentials.

To the credit of the ASPS, they have updated their information and resources on medical tourism over the past few years. A new link for them is in the “author’s note” for the page … and also here.

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