Sep 16

I added Curtis J. Schroeder’s Afterword for Beauty from Afar today, along with fussing with links on the table of contents page and updating the “About” page to reflect the fact that I am available for work and that I am open to the partnership and advertising possibilities inherent in this site.

Curt, as far as I know, is still group CEO at Bumrungrad International in Bangkok, Thailand; and I am still grateful for his kind words, written in 2006.

Yes, putting up the Afterword now is out of order. I thought about putting it up last. But I decided that anything that was really about the book and gives people the reasons why they might want to read it, ought to go up before I started posting actual chapters.

Besides, I love the Afterword and it makes me feel good to read it again.

So … next, I’ll put the jacket copy up, somehow; and then the Introduction … and then, I’ll probably start letting people know about the site and, little by little, post the 12 chapters. I’ll make pretty ebooks, in various formats, once I have pulled all the text out of the Quark file and massaged it sufficiently.

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Sep 16

This is another place where links to Chapters 1-12 and the Introduction reside. I am finding it best to provide both the reader and myself with some alternatives as I move along with this project. As it has developed, this page seems to be useful for listing each of the “pages” as I add them.

Introduction | Seeking Beauty from Afar

Introduction (Part 1) Stumbling upon an open secret

Introduction (Part 2) Jurassic Park, it’s not …

Introduction (Part 3) A Nose Job in Iran?

Introduction (Part 4) It’s so … Foreign

Introduction (Part 5) Competition for the United States

Chapter 1 | Medical Tourism: Here, There and Everywhere Part 1

60 Minutes and Medical Tourism … Part 2

Vignettes … Didi, Fabio … Part 3

Patients Going Abroad: A Burgeoning Industry … Part 4

U.S. Healthcare and Spiraling Costs … Part 5

Dear Dr. Rubinstein … Part 6

100,000 Fellow Travelers — or More … Part 7

Tip of the Iceberg — and a Trend … Part 8

Medical Tourism: A Moving Target Part 9 (End of Chapter 1)

Chapter 2 | Comparing Quality, Comparing Costs … Part 1

News Gets AroundPart 2

A Warning Lives on,  Mostly Unheeded … Part 3

Sticks and StonesPart 4

American Doctors Speak OutPart 5

Point, CounterpointPart 6

The Best of Both WorldsPart 7

If You Can’t Beat ThemPart 8

Prices in the United States vs. AbroadPart 9

Chapter 3 | A Brief and Selective History of Medical Tourism Part 1

The Pioneers of Medical TravelPart 2

Build It and They Will Come … Part 3

Origins of Term Medical Tourism (cont.)Part 4

The Media ImprimaturPart 5

Chapter 4 | You’re Going Abroad for…What!? … Part 1

Cosmetic Surgeries and ProceduresPart 2

Eyelids, Foreheads, Noses and PeelsPart 3

Breasts, Arms and TummiesPart 4

Body Lifts and ButtsPart 5

Hair Implants, Otoplasty, Bariatric, Dental WorkPart 6

What Else is Out There? Non-Cosmetic Procedures; Conclusion Part 7

Chapter 5 | Research, Research … and More Research … Part 1

Medical Travel and Cosmetic Surgery: Top ResourcesPart 2

Patient Support Sites for Medical TourismPart 3

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