You have reached my temporary End of File (EOF) Page. If you got here by clicking “Next,” it means that you’ve read as much of Beauty from Afar as I have so far managed to extricate, edit and put online. Please stop back tomorrow or the next day. I do try to add text at least a few times a week and expect that the whole book will be online by sometime in 2010.

If you really want to ready the whole book now — please let me know by leaving a comment somewhere or emailing me (the address is below and also on the “About” page.)  The more that I am conscious that there is a demand for the material, the sooner I am likely to finish the ebook versions. I’d also like to know what people would consider a fair price for an ebook version. I am thinking about $5 but could be persuaded otherwise.

You can still find the physical book through online booksellers, used and new.

If you’ve reached this page through a search engine and have no idea what I’m talking about, please start out at:

and everything should be clear to you within a few minutes.


Jeff Schult
jss at beautyfromafar dot com

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