Sep 24

I sometimes compared writing Beauty from Afar to shooting at a moving target.  I’m proud of how it has held up for three years, but some things, of course, are not the same now as they were then.

I ruefully notice one such thing in just the three paragraphs of today’s vignette, the second segment of Chapter 1.

Didi Carr Reuben used to call her web site for Dr. Alejandro Lev, her cosmetic surgeon, … which was meant tongue-in-cheek, poking fun at her own beautiful self. It is now Still funny, though obviously less morbid.

We also meet Dr. Fabio Zamprogno of Brazil, who we’ll find out a lot more about later in the book.

If you’re keeping track, we’re on page 25 of BFA now … the next segment will start to describe the medical tourism industry.

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