Aug 25

There are all kinds of precedents for blogs becoming books, and all sorts of ways, even, to turn a blog into a sort of a book … software that will suck up all your posts and headers and produce, from a blog, something resembling a book.

It seems a little backwards, doesn’t it? The trend is away from books, and toward blogs.

I’m still trying to come up with something that lets me post Beauty from Afar a little bit at a time, and comment and update as I go, in a way that makes sense both for readers and myself. I have the book copy digitized, that’s not a problem. I can produce pretty little ebooks if I want … though there are so many formats for THAT, it’s ridiculous. I’m not a Kindle lover but will probably make a Kindle version at some point.

Anyway, bear with me for a bit. I’ve been very busy with content for Prisma Dental … which is all related, but not the same.

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