Nov 05

The posting of Beauty from Afar resumes this evening with more of my laundery list of cosmetic surgery procedures that many people have done abroad at considerable savings.

Chapter 4 Page 3 | Eyelids, Foreheads, Noses and Peels

Again, please note that I came up with the price ranges in 2004-2005; however, my educated guess is that they are mostly still pretty much on the mark in 2009-2010. I would love to hear from readers who have substantive information on the subject. At some point — after Beauty from Afar is all the way online — I’ll try to revisit and update relative prices again.

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  1. Jerry Myers says:

    Average Eyelid Surgery costs around $4,000 but some doctors do charge $2,000 and others as much as $7,000.
    I think the other prices for the other surgeries are the same as usual but it really depending on the doctor’s mercy. I would just browse for more info about this. Thanks!

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